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MiniTowerTM Series Overview:

MiniTowerTM, the most advanced portable GoTo altazimuth telescope mount, is the perfect combination of capacity and portability. MiniTowerTM family includes MiniTower, MiniTower II and MiniTower Pro.

Features and Specifications:

The major features include:

  • Altazimuth computerized GOTO mount based on SmartStar® technology;
  • Dual scope setup
  • 25lbs payload and 8lbs secondary scope
  • Dual-axis servomotor with enhanced optical encode for precise GOTO and tracking
  • GoToNova® 8401 hand controller about 130,000 objects;
  • The largest LCD screen on the market with backlit LED buttons;
  • 3-Point easy level adjustment
  • Manual push-to alignment for both axes
  • Internal 32-Channel GPS
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Sale Items:
Part Number Description S&H Order
SS-IO8300-1 MiniTower. Package includes:
  • MiniTower mount;
  • GOTONOVA® 8401 hand controller;
  • Controller cable
  • 10 lbs counterweight (X1)
  • AC adaptor
  • 12V DC car plug adaptor
  • hard case
  • 1.5 inch stainless steel tripod

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